Welcome to Remember People

Welcome to Remember People!

Remember People provides a new type of message delivery service that allows you to leave messages containing your legacies, estate planning, and personal messages for your loved ones. These messages will be delivered at a time of your choosing, and will help bring knowledge, healing and memories to your recipients.

Think of a grandfather leaving behind his legacy and words of wisdom for a grandson he may never meet. Think about a soldier fighting for our freedom, who knows he may never return, telling his family how much they mean to him. These messages are priceless and deserve to be heard.

Remember People provides our message planning service and message delivery service. We support this with newsletters, articles, blogs, and social networking that will tell of interesting ways people are using the Remember People service, tips, and offers that may be important to you. It is the perfect gift, even for yourself!

It’s no secret, time goes by in an instant. In the blink of an eye, an entire lifetime can seem to go by. Our goal is to make sure the stories, legacies, and most importantly, the people are remembered long after they are gone.

Michael Colbert, Founder and CEO

What Do We Do?

Remember People allows you to send messages to your loved ones through the barriers of time. We make it easy!


What To Say?

Your last words to your loved ones will have impact. Remember People allows you to have those perfect last words.


The Time Is Now!

Nothing in life is more important than loved ones. We have no guarantee of the time we have. Use it wisely!


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Try our 30-day free trial, buy the service for yourself., give it to a loved one, or sponsor groups of people.


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