Remember People Video Messages

Imagine your loved ones watching your video message. They miss you dearly and are looking for ways to remember you. Your video is helping them get through the grief. They are intently watching. Tears of happiness are flowing.

Video messaging is our most powerful message type. It allows for your loved ones to see and hear you. There is no better means of communication than video. It is full of life and conveys much more than just words. The way you smile, the way you talk, the way you laugh; all of these can only be seen through a video message.

Your video message can be your legacy. Your loved ones will watch it over and over. Every time they feel a longing for you, they can get peace from watching your video. Your grandchildren and future generations will be shown this and learn about you. You can convey wisdom, share memories, or tell your life story. It will be cherished.

You may have received Remember People as a gift from a loved one who would value your message or maybe you have bought this to surprise them. In either case, we recommend that you do some planning before recording your video message. Gather your thoughts so that you can express everything you intend to convey. Make some notes but don’t try to read it. Just let it flow. Remember, this is going to be watched over and over again.

To record a video message you can use your smart phone, computer, tablet, or a video camera. After recording the video, transfer it to your computer and upload the video to We have strived to make this process easy and secure.

Don’t worry. You can change the message as often as you like. Remember People is your partner and will send you monthly newsletters with ideas and links to help you

It is a good idea to keep an eye on the size of your video, especially when filming in high-definition. It takes a little more time to upload longer messages. We support short messages of up to 5 minutes, medium messages of up to 12 minutes, and long messages up to 25 minutes.

Your loved ones will thank you for leaving a message. Sure you can put it off, but aren’t your loved ones worth it? Create a message that they will cherish their whole lives.