Remember People with a Legacy Video Message

Your loved ones were not ready for your death. Everyone thought you would have many more years. Your loved ones will want to hold onto your memory but our human minds are sometimes feeble. If only they had something that could help them remember you.

What is a Legacy Video Message?

A Legacy Video Message allows you to paraphrase your life and describe it in a video for your descendants and posterity. What is important to you? What did you accomplish? Who was important and why? This video includes lasting information that entertains and educates the people that watch it. Typically this would have been made and then stored in a safety deposit box or desk on a Video tape or DVD disk. This made it very hard to update and store.

Remember People can store and deliver your Legacy Video Message

Remember People is pioneering this new form of communications with its patent pending Message Delivery Service. No other company can provide you with the ability to send messages to your loved ones and deliver these messages after you have passed away.

Remember People messages are the safest and most convenient way to store and deliver your Legacy Video Message. You can update your Legacy Video Message whenever you choose. It can be done in the privacy of your own home anytime. You control when and to whom your message will be delivered.

Who Would Send A Legacy Video Message?

Life seems to go by in an instant. We are never guaranteed another day. Many types of people could record their stories. These include:
• People in Harm’s Way such a military, police, fire fighters, or other hazardous jobs that want to be prepared for the worst (see Harm’s Way Legacy Video)
• People that want to leave their legacy for their kids or grandkids
• People that cherish the value of leaving genealogical records for future generations.
• People that want to have their story told correctly
• People with terminal illnesses

Video Messages Convey More than Words

Video messaging is our most powerful message type. It allows your loved ones to see and hear you. There is no better means of communication than video. It conveys much more than just words. The way you smile, the way you talk, the way you laugh; all of these can only be seen through a video message.

Legacy Video Messages are Perfect for You or as a Gift

Legacy Video Messages are great for you to leave your legacy. This is also perfect to give as a gift to someone that would like to record their legacy, maybe for their young children or grandchildren.

Start By Planning Your Legacy Video Message

Planning of what you want in your video is important. Who will receive it? What will you say? When should it be delivered? Create a rough outline. Maybe it should be more than one message. Once you get started it becomes clear what to do.

We recommend using the Remember People Message Planning Service to help get your messages organized. We offer a free 30 day trial to help you plan. This Message Planning Service is always available free to our Message Delivery Service customers.

Recommendations on Content for Your Legacy Video Message

Here are some ideas for content of your message:
• Say who you are
• Who were your parents and family
• Where were you brought up
• Who was your spouse
• Who were your closest relatives
• What you consider to be your most important accomplishments
• What is important to you
• Share your beliefs
• Tell stories of your most meaningful events
• Send message of hope and love

Is Video the Right Format for Your Legacy Message?

After your initial planning, you need to decide if a video message will still meet your needs. You may decide you are camera shy and then you should consider recording an audio message instead. Another option could be making a document messages with a digital scrapbook to record your legacy.

Decide on the Length of Your Video

Remember People offers video message lengths that will fit everyone’s needs. You can pick from a short message (up to 5 min.), medium message (up to 12 min.), or even a longer message (up to 25 min.). It all depends on the amount of information you wish to share.

Recording Your Legacy Video Message

Creating a Video requires the use of a video recording device. The most obvious choices for this are a video camera, a smart phone, or a computer with a video camera. The video camera or smart phone can be held by someone or can be placed on a tripod. The computer with a video camera can be placed on a table or desk and points at you.

You may choose to have someone help you record your message. Pick a loved one and do this together. It will be fun. Don’t worry about perfection. Just be yourself.

Purchase the Remember People Message Delivery Service

When you are ready, purchase the Message Delivery Service. This will require:
• Your First and Last Name
• Your Email Address
• Service Term – The length of time you want your account
• Message Length
• Number of Recipients
• Your Credit Card Information

Service Term for Your Legacy Video Message

You can choose the Service Term that fits your needs. The service terms are in 5 year increments up to 30 years. Your message will be kept online and available for you to download anytime during your service term. Your recipients will be able to download the message any time after it was delivered during your service term. Don’t worry about picking a short service term. You can extend it any time.

Number of Recipients for Your Legacy Video Message

When you initially purchase remember people you will simply fill in the number of recipients you wish to send your message to. Once it is purchased then you will enter the name, email address of each person to send it to, and when it should be delivered. You can add or change recipients at any time.

Create and Upload Your Legacy Message

Recording your message is easy with any smart phone or computer. When it is done then you upload it to When ready, mark your message as ready for delivery. It will be delivered at the time you request. You may want to have someone you trust act as an executor for you. This person will notify us when you have passed away and can initiate the delivery of your messages.

Your Video Will Be a Family Treasure

Creating your video is a gift that will be cherished for many years. Think of what it would be like to hear from your parents with a video message. It would be a treasured keepsake that can easily be handed down to the next generation.

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