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You want to do something special for your father who lives in another state. He is always saying he never has any pictures of you and your kids. His birthday is coming up and so you decide that you are going to send him a video of the family singing happy birthday and saying special things. It is the perfect present for someone that is hard to buy for. You take your smart phone and record the video and upload it to your computer. You then realize that it is too big to email because your email provider has a limit of 5MB per email. Life just became complicated.

What is a Special Occasion Video Message?

Special Occasion Video Messages are videos that you can put together and surprise that special person on their birthday or other special occasion. It enables your loved ones to enjoy seeing you share your life, memories, and thoughts. It is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and birth announcements. Special Occasion Video Messages are a treasured keepsake that can be viewed many times over a lifetime.

Remember People Can Store and Deliver Your Special Occasion Video Message

Remember People is pioneering this new form of communications with its patent pending Message Delivery Service. No other company can provide you with the ability to send Special Occasion Video Messages to your loved ones and deliver these messages before or after you have passed away.

Remember People messages are the safest and most convenient way to store and deliver your Special Occasion Video Messages. You can update your message whenever you choose. It can be done in the privacy of your own home anytime. You control when and to whom your message will be delivered.

Perfect for You or as a Gift

Special Occasion Video Messages are great for you to create and have delivered. They are also great to give as a gift to someone that you would like to receive a video from, maybe your daughter who is away at college.

Why Have a Special Occasion Video Message

A Remember People Special Occasion Video Message is the best way to send a “Message of Love” to any family member or close friend. It is ideal for people that live too far away and that never get a chance to see each other. You videos will never be too big to email. You can rest assured that the timing of your Special Occasion Video Message Delivery will be exactly when you want using Remember

Who Would Use a Special Occasion Video Message?

Special Occasion Video Messages would normally be used by:

• Parents
• Grandparents
• Children
• Close Friends that Live Apart

Plan or Just Start Your Video

To begin the process of creating your Special Occasion Video Messages, think about your recipient and what would be special for them. If you like to plan then put together a rough outline. If you are a free spirit then simply record whatever inspires you.

Possible Contents of Special Occasion Video Messages

The Special Occasion Message can have many different types of contents, all full of love and caring. It is the perfect gift for sharing all the “heartfelt family stories” that we all have. Some message thoughts could be:

• Sing Happy Birthday and convey special wishes
• Send a video of your wedding to loved ones that couldn’t attend
• Tell your spouse how much you love them in a special keepsake
• Take a picture of your new baby and send it to your parents.
• Recollect shared stories for close friends that live apart

Creating Your Special Occasion Video Message

Creating a Video requires the use of a video recording device. The most obvious choices for this are a video camera, a smart phone, or a computer with a video camera. The video camera or smart phone can be held by someone or can be placed on a tripod. Your computer with a video camera can be placed on a table or desk and points at you. You may choose to have someone help you record your message. Don’t worry about perfection. Just be yourself.

Purchase the Remember People Message Delivery Service

When you are ready, purchase the Message Delivery Service. This will require:

• Your First and Last Name
• Your Email Address
• Service Term – The length of time you want your account
• Message Length
• Number of Recipients
• Your Credit Card Information

Service Term for Your Special Occasion Video Message

You can choose the Service Term that fits your needs. In this case pick the shortest timeframe, up to 5 years. Your messages will be kept online and available for you to download anytime during your service term. Your recipients will be able to download the message any time after it was delivered during your service term. You can easily extend the service term anytime.

Number of Recipients for Your Special Occasion Video Message

When you initially purchase remember people you will simply fill in the number of recipients you wish to send your message to. Once it is purchased then you will enter the name, email address of each person to send it to, and when it should be delivered. You can add or change recipients at any time.

Update Your Special Occasion Video As Often As You Like?

You can update your message as often as you need. You can take comfort in knowing that everything you have created will be safe and secure.

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