Remember People Message Planning Service

Remember People provides two main services:

• Message Planning Service • Message Delivery Service

This blog post will describe the Message Planning Service. The next blog post will describe the Message Delivery Service. Hopefully these blog posts will help you to understand how Remember People works and how they can help you leave your messages.

Plan For Your Legacy To Be Remembered Forever

We wrote an article last week called “Will People Remember Your Legacy?” It talked about planning and recording your legacy for your loved ones. In your own words, let your children and grandchildren know who you were, what you did, and what are life’s important lessons. It will be a treasured keepsake.

Preparing for Doomsday

The end of the world will be tomorrow on December 21, 2012! The long Mayan Calendar has finally come to its end. National Public Radio reported that over 10% of the US Population gives this story some credibility. I personally believe that we will get through this unscathed.